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League Guidelines
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Pick Restrictions
Free Agent Draft
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I. League Guidelines

A. This is a 24 team Federation, split into 2 Leagues with 2 Divisions of 6 teams each.
B. The league will be a "Keeper" league, where players are retained by each team in
perpetuity or until they release or trade them, and will have a "Salary Cap" system,
as outlined in section X.
C. There will be a 16-18 week regular season and a 6-8 week post-season involving
16 teams.
D. Each week in the regular season will run from Tuesday thru Monday, with a League
Schedule posted, beginning with the first NBA games in October/November and
ending around the second week of February.
II. Annual Draft

A. There will be an Annual Draft held before the season in August every year.
B. The Annual Draft will be limited to newly drafted NBA rookies, Undrafted NBA
Rookies, NBA Draft Eligible Euro players, and NDBL players.
C. Only players available to be selected on the Draft Page are eligible.
D. The draft order for the non playoff teams will be determined by a Lottery system
conducted in conjunction with and mirrored to the NBA Draft Lottery.
E. Draft order for the playoff teams will be determined by a combination of playoff
finish/results and Regular Season record.


Playoff teams eliminated in each round will be ordered by regular season record for
Annual Draft position purposes. Eliminated Wildcard Round teams will select after
Lottery teams, etc with the Championship Finals teams in the last two positions.
F. In the event of a tie for Draft Position, Regular Season Team Points scored will be
the determining factor.
G. Each round of the draft will proceed in 1 thru 24 order throughtout the entire draft,
and will consist of 2 Rounds.
H. The League will use a "Draft Pick Chart" to determine the time periods in advance
for when each pick is "on the clock", in this way the entire draft will be mapped out
in advance so that all owners know when they will be drafting.


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