2002 Free Agent Draft

Sunday, March 10th, 2002

1 2 3 4 5
Ehs Frank Menechino Paul Byrd David Justice Chris Reitsma John Thomson
Orioles No Selections
Mudducks Angel Pena N/A
Cardinals Jeff Liefer Dan Wright Sterling Hitchcock Benito Santiago N/A
Bombers Rudy Seanez N/A

To Chauns

Randall Simon Brian Hunter Javier Cardona Luis M Lopez
Mike Myers
Knights No Selections
Wildcats Dave Coggin N/A
Avalanche Greg Norton N/A
Storm Scott Spiezio Roberto Hernandez Willie Harris Jorge Julio Kevin Young
High Rollers Alex Gonzalez Kevin Walker Gene Stechschulte N/A
Rebels Calvin Maduro Chad Harville Blaine Neal Ted Lilly N/A
Comets N/A

To Wranglers

Armando Rios Mark L Johnson Mike Mordecai Brian Buchanan
DT Cromer
Gargoyles Wilton Guerrero N/A
Daisy Cutters Andres Galarraga Mark Quinn N/A
6 7 8 9 10
Wranglers Rich Rodriguez Doug Nickle Chad Zerbe N/A
Storm Todd Stottlemyre Scott Eyre Randy Winn JC Romero Brian Schneider
Chauns Tim Raines Sr Ruben Quevedo Gary Glover Stan Javier N/A
Storm Vance Wilson