Joe Gardner - Semi Modern Manager, AIM

Designed to handle replays for the 1980s*, Joe Gardner is an AIM manager with a number of strategies to note:

1) Pitching changes are designed to handle a variety of approaches that dominated the era. Viz.: the use of long closers (e.g, Quisenberry, Fingers) early (7th inning) in save situations; the use of "semi-long" closers in the 8th inning (e.g., Neil Allen, Jeff Reardon); and the use of setup relievers for the one-inning-only closers, a practice which dominates today. Additionally, Gardner is willing to use multiple closers (generally relievers with 10+ saves) in close games. For example, if one closer is struggling or his team is batting with a threat situation occurring, he will PH for that closer to bring in a fresh one.

2) Like many of the other managers available on FanPark, Gardner will use starters in relief. However, this practice is limited and usually occurs only in close games or where a team's bullpen is shaky. He will, however, prevent the last available pitcher who can start from being used (except in emergencies). This is to keep at least one potential starter for the next day's game.

3) He will PH, PR or sub defensively for star players in lopsided games, preferring to use, in particular, itchy players as replacements. Additionally, he will pull starters in such one-sided games if his team's bullpen is healthy.

4) Reluctant to use resting star players, Gardner will, however gamble with these quality athletes if the game is on the line.

5) Running: Gardner is loose with the reins early, especially if his team grabs the lead. However, late in tie games, he is reluctant to run if his team's "big guns" are at bat or he's behind. His approach with the H&R is similar. Moving runners with the bunt, meanwhile, usually occurs early only against top flight pitchers and in middle or late innings only if behind or against quality pitchers and/or catchers.