Hack Gilbert - 1960's, AIM

Hack Gilbert is a 1960's AIM manager who follows the 1960's managerial style of play, and has a quick hook.

- Uses some bench players, for a few games, as subs and defense.
- Uses most of roster to steal, with highest attempts (126- 156).
- Few bunts (0- 2).
- Will not use last C, 2B or SS unless losing.
- Aggressive on the bases.
- Starters avg 8.5 IP per game, with very high CG (89-93) and spot starts (9-18).
- The more relievers on team, the quicker hook he has on starters.
- Relief based upon total bullpen games.
- Will spare bullpen if rout.
- Relievers avg 2.0 IP per game, with low saves (3-6).
- Closer chosen by Grade.