Miguel Gonzalez - Modern, Draft, Non-AIM

Cartwright is an "All Era's" All-purpose Manager, AIM or non-AIM capable, DH or non-DH.


Starting Rotation:

- All pitchers with zero relief appearances or more starts than relief appearances and no relieving grade are considered SOLELY as starters. Everyone else will be used in relief.

Hook - Modern, quick (sometimes after 5 innings) especially in safe games. When starters reach 7 or less workable batters for the game, they're usually pulled.

- Closers/SuperClosers are by (generally) by adjusted grades. This is grade plus or minus control ratings. However, closers late will also take into consideration platoon advantages. Super closer types must have a total grade (adjusted grade plus first batter effectiveness plus any platoon advantages) of 17 or higher. Normal closers will have adjusted grades between 13 and 16. Both types may be used for multiple innings. However, high relieving durability (QR) relievers of 3 will for the most part be used for one inning only. Low QR relievers may be used for multiple innings.

- Gonzalez is NOT locked into using the best closer for the ninth. He will use a mixture of top relievers late (7th on) in critical situations, especially with multiple runners on AND a strong hitter up. In such situations, he ALWAYS tries to have a 18+ reliever in the game - that's relieving grade plus first batter effectiveness (usually 5) plus control ratings plus any platoon advantages. This will be done in critical situations - usually down by two or up by two OR the tying run is on or at-bat - in the 8th and later.

- Setup type relievers will be used mostly for the QR=3 superclosers (or superclosers who because of a low RR can only pitch the ninth). But they may be used for the QR=2 superclosers, chiefly then 7th, with the supercloser finishing up in the 8th and 9th. Gonzalez will shuffle closers around and not stay always with the best one.

- For the most part, he will follow the typical modern style of management: I.e., starter goes 6-7 innings, setup guys finish up until the ninth when the closer seals the win. However, he has a multiple of strategies in critical situations that do NOT always follow this style.


- Gonzalez is conservatively subbing. He'll use innocuous players (PRO -.600) ONLY to sub for star players in routs.

- He bases his steals on steal chance and actual historic numbers. Also, the H&R uses steal chance when deciding whether and when to hit and run. Z pitchers, low walk average hitters, high H&R rated batters, lefthanded hitters, double play prone batters, are favored with this strategy.

- Bunting is VERY aggressive in tied games. Especially against higher grade pitchers. ALMOST ANYONE will bunt in such situations, including (ouch) Bonds or A-Rod. Note: Gonzalez will often leave a pitcher to bunt in an obvious situation even when he will pull the pitcher the next inning/half inning. Instead of wasting a player simply to lay one down, he'll let the pitcher sacrifice and save a player. So, don't be surprised to see a pitcher be left in to hit (bunt) and then immediately be relieved.

Gonzalez has a number of bells and whistles:

He has a blowout sub strategy (see above), brings in better defensive players when ahead late. He'll PR for speed with better defensive players late; PR to steal a base (second or third) and PH with a better bunter in a critical situation.