Judge Griffith - 1960's Era, AIM, Non DH

Judge Griffith is a 1960's draft AIM manager who follows the '60's managerial style of play.

  Griffith is an AIM draft manager designed generally to handle modern early (circa 1965) post-war draft games. He can, however, be used for other pre-modern games but his player usage, especially with pitching, may be too aggressive for such competition. He is NOT recommended for historic replays.

  Griffith is identical (for the most part) to the sixties draft manager Juice Rogers with the exception of NOT setting aside or considering a rotation. In order to use him, you MUST bench your rotation with your f-files (or lineups); otherwise any pitcher will be used in relief.

  As with Rogers, he generally uses a "sixties-ish" hook with his starters especially in either save situations or with safe leads late. He selects closers late by adjusted grades (that is grade plus control adjustments (if any). Normal/regular closers will be those with adjusted grades of between 13 and 16. Super type closers will have adjusted grades of over 16. Closers will be used for multiple innings (relieving durability and RR dependent). No LaRussa one-inning closers approach with him (unless that pitcher's relieving durability and/or RR limits him to one inning). Low inning starters will be pulled quickly to save their innings. Also, with safe leads, starters will be yanked especially if the bullpen is strong and/or itchy relievers need outings.

  Offensively, he is both steal and H&R and steal chance driven. Stealing is limited to historic totals. Bunting is Sac total dependent along with effective BA and effective slugging. Light hitting clubs (as measured by the team's top 4 hitters ranked by PRO) will see more small ball than power clubs (again, as measured by the teams top hitters).

  As with the Miller managers, he will be aggressive subbing in blowouts; DS, PH for star players, PR for stars and subbing defensively will be seen. Base advancement based on advance chances (internal number provided by game plus OF/Inf arm plus speed).

  Griffith, as with his counterpart Rogers, has nearly all the added features most owners want: e.g., subbing in blowouts, PR to steal a base late to pad a lead, better defensive players late, top defensive players with speed will PR for slower poorer players when on base, etc.