Outlaw Earl - Modern Era/Draft League, Non-AIM

Outlaw Earl is a custom designed Manager for our league, based upon the historic Earl Weaver with the following criteria:

ased on a conservative scheme, doesn’t steal a lot, but will when it will help the team with the right runner on base. He will H&R occassionally, again in the right situation to help the team with the best runner on. He relies on his pitching and defense to hold the opposition, while he waits for the big inning.


- Hit & Run (Occassionally)

- Stealing (Occassionally, should take C’s arm & P’s move into consideration, as well as Steal Rating)

- Conservative (Pretty much the Earl Weaver station to station game philosophy)

- Baserunning (Play it safe, taking speed of runner and OF arm into consideration)

Defense/In the Field

- Substitutions (Likes to make late inning subs for Defense/OF Arm ratings in close games)

- Fielding (Likes to play conservative, holds fast runners, IF plays out)


- Starters (As a general rule, Aces (Grade 14+) can go until they have given up 5 runs or are getting shelled, Regular SP's (Grade 13 or less) can keep going if they are pitching a Shut Out as long as they maintain a 2+ run lead. SP’s that have been upgraded or let up 0 ER can have the same privledge. Otherwise, basically playit conservatively with a medium to quick hook, maybe a 25 to 30 BF limit ?)

- Starters2 (Starting rotation is benched from Bullpen consideration, unless a split grade)

- Bullpen (Closer selected by Grade, 1 IP closers, 2 IP in a pinch)

- Setup (The 2nd highest graded RP should be the Setup, likes control & looks at matchups)

- Middle (Likes the matchups (LH/RH), looks at Grade and Control)

- Early/Long (Looks for the workhorse, doesn’t use the quality guys in a wasted effort)

- Bullpen2 (Relievers in general should be limited to 2 IP, except Early/Long RP’s, and should be taken out if they let up 1 run or so, and maybe 10 BF ?)