Outlaw Whitey - Modern Era/Draft League, Non-AIM

Outlaw Whitey is a custom designed Manager for our league, based upon the historic Whitey Herzog with the following criteria:

ased on an aggressive approach on the base paths, using the speed of his runners to create runs as he lacks the big sticks. He will H&R except when he has the obvious better Basestealing situation or advantage.


- Hit & Run (Moderate)

- Stealing (Aggressive, but takes C’s arm & P’s move into consideration, as well as Steal Rating)

- Aggressive (Pretty much the Whitey Herzog small ball game philosophy)

- Baserunning (Plays hard and stretches bases, taking speed of runner and OF arm into consideration)

Defense/In the Field

- Substitutions (Likes to make late inning subs for Defense/OF Arm ratings in close games)

- Fielding (Likes to play conservative, holds fast runners, IF plays out)


- Starters (As a general rule, Aces (Grade 14+) can go until they have given up 5 runs or are getting shelled, Regular SP's (Grade 13 or less) can keep going if they are pitching a Shut Out as long as they maintain a 2+ run lead. SP’s that have been upgraded or let up 0 ER can have the same privledge. Otherwise, basically playit conservatively with a medium to quick hook, maybe a 25 to 30 BF limit ?)

- Starters2 (Starting rotation is benched from Bullpen consideration, unless a split grade)

- Bullpen (Closer selected by Grade, 1 IP closers, 2 IP in a pinch)

- Setup (The 2nd highest graded RP should be the Setup, likes control & looks at matchups)

- Middle (Likes the matchups (LH/RH), looks at Grade and Control)

- Early/Long (Looks for the workhorse, doesn’t use the quality guys in a wasted effort)

- Bullpen2 (Relievers in general should be limited to 2 IP, except Early/Long RP’s, and should be taken out if they let up 1 run or so, and maybe 10 BF ?)