Adam Peters - Modern, Draft, AIM, DH or non-DH

Peters, originally a custom manager, is a draft manager designed to handle modern replays or games. He has some custom strategies that may cause problems. However, he should be able to manage other teams adequately.


- Peters does NOT set aside a rotation or starting pitchers, you must bench them or they will be used in relief. Low grade pitchers (under 6) are given bonus innings or workable batters. Pitchers with relieving grades of 5 or lower are given a minimum of 80 innings; those with starting grades (only) are given a minimum of 150 innings (if either type of pitcher had MORE than the 80/150 number, their original innings will be used). The pitchers are heavily used in blowout or rout games.

- Closers and/or Super-type closers are by adjusted grades only. Super closers are those with adjusted grade (that's grade plus/minus control ratings) of 17+. Super closers are limited to one inning only regardless of relieving durability. Other normal closers are judged by adjusted grades (grades plus/minus control ratings) and must have adjusted grades of between 13 and 16; they may go multiple innings (if QR (relieving durabilty/RR) permits.

- Setup relievers are used in the 6/7/8 innings for superclosers who can only pitch one inning. If no supercloser is available (either because team doesn't have one or he's injured or fatigues), he will use a regular closer relief strategy (highest adjusted grade goes first; if a tie, innings are then included).

- Struggling closers are pulled BEFORE save is lost, he will NOT stick with your primary closer (super or regular) IF a better move is possible. One batter relief specialists used (if available).

- Quick hook for starters with safe leads (9/8/7 runs in the 7/8/9 innings) if bullpen is rested. If bullpen needs a day off, starter will be permitted to finish up (if he can). Itchy relievers given one batter outings late (if possible) to remove status. Modern hook with multiple relievers used in most contests. Need deep bullpen. Peters' pitching strategies are very similar to Buck Miller IV with the above difference (i.e., superclosers by saves and not grades).


- "Small Ball", Steal and H&R are steal chance oriented. Limits on steals of 100% or historic.

- Not much bunting except late with a critical run (or by pitchers, obviously). H&R mostly against pitchers with Zs or low walk average batters or double play prone batters (i.e, slow (speed 10, righthanders with SO per AB under .100).

- Higher power hitters (ISO over .175) will NOT H&R. Only lower power batters. More big inning oriented than other managers.

- Will PH with platoon disadvantage. Will PH for: DH if platoon advantage for pitcher; for a better bunter late (limited); for a H&R situation; when ahead late if threat (but best defensive players stay); for a announced PHer against a new pitcher with a platoon advantage).

Bells & Whistles:

- Aggressive subbing in routs - 7th onward. Better defensive players late (8-9) ahead close (1-5). Will PH, PR, defensive sub for star in lopsided games. Favors use of itchy players in such contests. WIll PR to steal a base (2nd or 3rd) late. Steal chances of 28+ needed. Good SALF needed (.20 and over) - SALF is steal attempts/times on first.