Big Poppa - Modern Draft League Manager - AIM

Custom manager as the name implies: Foundation was Miller IV with adjustments.

All pitchers with 30 or more starts or more starts then relief appearances is considered strictly a starter. All others will be used in relief.

Closers: By grade - Regular closers, adjusted grades of 13-16, super closers adjusted grades of 17 or higher (grade plus control adjustments). Adjusted grades are the relieving grade (or starting if the pitcher didn't have a relieving grade) plus one grade point for a Z rating, two for a H and one for a G (all with no runners on; with runners on, the bonus is (generally) another grade point). Struggling closers pulled if advantage.

Regular closers: 2 innings if QR is 2 or less and RR 10+. Superclosers one inning but spotted for 1+.

Quick hook: Starters pulled at the 27 batter limit (and 7 innings or more) or 33 batter limit.

Typical modern era draft style: E.g, starters go 6-7, setup relievers for an inning each, and super closer for the ninth. If your roster isn't made for such a strategy, Poppa might not be a good choice. Lefty specialists used. Pulls starters in safe lead (7+ runs) or lower if itchy relievers need work.

Itchy relievers given one batter late outings in blowout type games.

Steals and H&R influenced by steal success. H&R against Z pitchers, double play prone batters, or low walk average hitters (all batters must have 2+ HR rating). Will selectively bunt with good contact hitters (low SO per AB) and "good" SH per AB. Both standards are used along with other factors. Generally conservative with PHing. Stays with starting eight except in obvious situations. Favors players who play the position of the batter over others.

Standard add-ons: Stars taken out in lopsided games w/PH, PR or defensive subs; uses better defensive players when ahead late (1-5 runs). Important: Resting star players with better defensive numbers will usually NOT be used to sub defensively. So, a Bonds on the bench will not come into the game defensively for a weaker OF. Favors use of innocuous players in routs as subs. Itchy players get used before non-itchy as well.