Mao Shigao - Modern/Cross Era, Draft, AIM, DH or non-DH

Mao is/was a team specific manager made for a cross-era type roster. However, he might be useful for a non-cros era or regular draft league if it's a high offensive one. Note: some of his team/player specific strategies might cause problems.



- Team specific usage here. Pitchers with starts of: 24, 30, 32 and lefthanded, 50 or 38 are considered starters. However, the starter with 50 starts may be used in long relief (6th and before in close games) and any lefthanded starters meeting the above may be spotted against lefthanded hitters with platoon ratings of 2 or higher in close games (-1/+3). All other pitchers will be used in relief.

- Starters pulled with 7-9 run lead (9th/8th/7th innings - ie., 9 run lead in the 7th, 8 in the 8th, 7 in the 9th). High inning starters (e.g., 300+ innings) given longer leash to complete games.


- By grades - closers have adjusted grades (grade+control ratings) of 13-16, superclosers are those with adjusted grades of 19 and higher. Two inning closers used for normal/regular closers. Generally, LaRussa one-inning superclosers with setup pitchers used in the 6-8th innings, however superclosers may occasionally be used for two innings IF RR is 10 or higher.

- Setup relievers used IF supercloser available. Not setup guys used if normal closer.

- Itchy relievers given one batter outings late to remove itchy status.

- Mao was designed for a team that had a limited bullpen (8 pitchers and one dual pitcher (outfielder/pitcher) and only one super or high grade closer. Mao can be used, then, for teams that had these dual players.


- "Small Ball", Steals limited to actual/historic numbers with "Green Light" based on steal chance along with SALF (steals/divided by times on first - an internal letter grade used by micromanagers). Same with H&R; steal chance considered (and speed must be 10 or higher). Generally, Z pitchers or low walk average hitters or HR=3 rated batters will see the swing and wing.

- PHing: Heavy emphasis on platoon ratings/advantages or disadvantages. Will PH 6-7 in close games behind, 7-9 when ahead with runners on (but not for best defensive players, they stay), 8-9 tied or down. Will PH for a better H&R, for an announced pinchhitter with platoon disadvantages, and for star players in rout or blowout games.

- Blowout subbing (PH, PR, defensive) starts in the 7th. Better defensive players used in the 8th onward in 1-5 leads but usually with 2 run leads UNLESS replacing players up the middle (2b, ss, c, cf).