Tony Baker - Modern, Non-AIM

Baker is a modern replay non-AIM manager who manages quite similarly to the modern AIM manager Felipe Hernandez and, in doing so, follows the modern managerial style of play. That is, quick hook with starters, setup relievers, and one inning Closers. Additionally, Baker substitutes freely in lopsided games, is loathe to let relievers hit, and plays platoon advantages both offensively and defensively.

Baker is programmed to manage rosters that either have a full complement of players (more than 25) or the normal or regular roster of 25. He will adjust his strategies accordingly. One of the difficulties with non-AIM managers is distributing relief appearances among the Bullpen. Without this distribution, managers will tend to bunch appearances between extremes. Baker is programmed to address this although it's very difficult to fully give out appearances with modern rosters.

You do not need to bench your starting pitchers with Baker, he will do so for you and may, if they did so, occassionally use a starter in relief. It's rare though, just as in actual modern baseball.