Steve Bell - Modern Draft Manager

Bell is a Non-AIM DH/non-DH manager designed to handle draft replays, mostly modern.

You will need to bench a rotation when using Bell, otherwise he will use all available pitchers in Relief.

He uses Closers by Grade and not by Saves. Modern pitching hook (eg. setup RP's, 1 Inn. Closers, etc - however low relieving durability (2/1) could lead to multiple innings.) Based on 100% limits on steals; steals are greatly influenced by Steal Chance. Similarly, with the H&R. Bunting is quite limited to weak power hitters or lower average hitters late with critical runs on. He will PH aggressively especially with platoon disadvantages. Blowout subbing from the 7th on; PH's, PR's, subs defensively for star players.

For the most part, Bell is a Buck Miller imitation manager (Buck Miller IV) with non-AIM programming and adjustments added.