Bumpus Head Jr - Modern Draft League Manager

NOTE: This is a greatly altered version of the original Bumpus Head.

Bumpus Head Jr. is an AIM, modern DH-only draft league manager. Head Senior had some very original strategies. Unfortunately, Head also would occasionally lose his, well head. He would often bring in tired relievers (who would immediately suffer AIM injuries and deplete a team's bullpen) or, even worse, he would bring in a firstbaseman or catcher as a closer. Ouch.

Anyway, after much re-programming, all of those major headaches have been corrected. Additionally, a huge number of other changes in Head have been made, including pinchrunning and pinchhiting ones. Head Jr. still doesn't play by the book, so to speak. He'll use short role closers in the eighth (sometimes the seventh) and likes to use any reliever generally in just about any role - short, middle or, (gulp) long. This latter problem - e.g., using your best reliever in the second innings, has been corrected. But Jr. will still insist on using relievers in multiple roles.

Jr. saves a 5-man starting rotation. So, you won't need to worry about that. He selects closers by grade not saves. Doesn't like the platoon advantage much, for some reason. Won't play the lefty/righty games hardly at all.

Head Jr has a blowout sub strategy, so he'll rest your studs in lopsided games. There are a number of other changes too.

Anyway, Head Jr. might be the guy to handle your team. At worst, he's different. Remember (and keep repeating this to yourself if he messes up your team): he didn't cost you nothing.