Bumpus Head -

Bumpus Head is an AIM aware, American League DH type MicroManager suited for 1990s slam-bam type leagues. Leagues? Yes. What distinguishes Bumpus from his contemporaries is that his style is
geared toward draft league players rather than stock season replayers.

Bumpus uses pitching grades and ratings to determine roles for the bullpen so if you have Heathcliff Slocumb and Mariano Rivera on your team, rest assured Rivera will get the call when a closer is needed. AIM aware, he'll use rested over ready pitchers within defined roles. He knows when starters are advancing and will let them remain in the game. He also knows when they've been reduced and will yank them if the bullpen is OK. He'll pull reduced relievers - though some may go on for a batter or two more. He's not yet ready to handle National League, pitchers bat, type teams - there are no double switch strategies in his playbook. So use him with DH teams only for best results.

One note - he will have some runners steal 2nd base that may surprise you. This is planned! It's part of what will be a 'Zimmer effect' meant to keep your opponents on the road awake! If they don't hold Cecil
Fielder on 1st base he may well get the urge! Not very often mind you ... but it can happen.

He'll make defensive changes late in the game for teams with a lead. He doesn't yet have a blowout strategy for hitters/fielders although he does give some thought to well rested bullpens.

I'm currently working on revisions to his base-stealing, running, and throwing strategies. He's probably a little on the conservative side in these areas.

Here's a helpful hint for anyone using MicroManagers - in WinBB, under Options-Speed & Confirmation Options, there is a checkbox for "MicroManager Default Substitution." Put a check in the box and if during the game the MicroManager falls into Idiot Savant mode a dialog box will popup asking
you what to do.

Overall, I think you'll find him most acceptable within his abilities. He's still learning though - so expect him to make some dumb moves at times.