Kent Williams III - Modern "All-Star" Manager

Is an AIM modern-style micromanager designed to handle Original Franchise All-Star (OFAS) or all-star type teams. Broadly speaking, the Williams managerial style emulates the late 20th century Baltimore 3 run homer style. To wit, he tends to play for big innings, dislikes the bunt, takes advantage - both defensively and offensively - of platoon advantages, and usually tries to stay with starting pitchers, at least the quality ones, quite long. However, many of these strategies "adjust" based on the specific ratings and statistics for the team being managing. For example, a team with early century all-stars - those with high SH totals and excellent hit and run ratings - WILL be used for what they are best at doing - "small ball" tactic. So, the characterization of Williams III as a "big inning" advocate does NOT mean he will eschew sacrifices and the hit and run. In other words, he can and will adjust his strategies based on the quality and type of team he is guiding.

Williams III was designed chiefly because many of the strategies for I and II were inadequate in handling the Back Home Baseball disk. To wit, many of their strategies were based on extremely high offensive numbers and overhwhelmingly dominant starting pitchers. Additionally, because the OFAS disks include only 25 players (15 regulars and 10 pitchers), both Williams I and II had to be more conservative using players, especially relievers. With no "farms", in other words, they had to make do with what they were given. However, Williams III is designed to be more aggressive in using players, especially pitchers since the Back Home Baseball teams incude 35 players. Additionally, the offensive numbers of the disk - while high - are much lower than the OFAS statistics. This also plays a major role in designing micromanagers, a role that only Williams III and not I or II can fill.