Tommy Russell - Modern "All-Star" Manager

Tommy Russell is an AIM manager designed specifically to be used in managing the OFAS disks or all-star type replays, and therefore, should not be used for replay seasons. He may be acceptable with a modern draft league team, especially for leagues that use the DH. However, he has never been tested for such games/replays and may not be appropriate for your team. The best suggestion is to run him with your roster/team and see how he handles things. Generally, he is more conservative with the bullpen/bench because the OFAS disks carry only 25 players. If you have thin team with little depth, he might handle your club wisely (he does select closers by save totals and not by grade - although grade is taken into consideration in some cases).

Because of the smaller rosters (no farm teams), Russell tends to use a more 1970's style of management - at least in handling his staff. Low QR relievers will likely pitch longer (2+ innings) and starters tend to pitch deeper into games as well. Additionally, Russell is best suited to handling OFAS replays with the DH in use; however, he can be used for non-DH replays/games. Because many of the OFAS teams have an abundance of starters and, in many cases, no middle relievers, Russell will often use starters in relief. However, he does set aside a 4-man rotation that will not be used in relief exept in emergencies. Starting pitchers with the top four most games started are considered the team's rotation; those that fall outside that four will be used in relief.